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Social network for people who love wine and want to connect socially around wine.

Project Brief

Social network for people who love wine and want to connect socially around wine. Wine meet ups can be hosted by members in their homes or in other venues. Plan is to build on some of my current wine projects including and

(Working Summary)
Wine 2.0 creates the core of a family of web based and live experience based businesses providing value added services for the wine industry with specific focus on the next generation wine consumer. The Company is building a vast social network of aspirational wine consumers by providing a social networking site with product information links for wineries, Web 2.0 companies in the wine space and other wine content providers. The ultimate objective of Wine 2.0 is to be the online user “dashboard” for everything related to wine and good living. A key driver of Web 2.0 is user driven content. Wine 2.0 will have a multitude of mechanisms for gathering input and content from consumers around both interactive online and live experiences. While the online community is a key value driver for the business, live experiences around wine are a core business for Wine 2.0. These live experiences will serve to feed the online community and the online community will serve to feed the live experiences.

The alcohol beverage market in the U.S. was over $165 billion in 2007. The wine category has been the fasted growing volume segment of beverage alcohol throughout this decade. Wine sales now represented over $28 billion in 2007. There has been growing per capita consumption of wine and spirits for most of this decade. The growth has been accompanied by a significant switch in consumer preferences from popular priced beer to wine and spirits, and premium beers. This has been driven by
• Greater versatility of wine and spirits
• Increased consumer marketing
• Higher consumer value on spirits – “less is more”
• Wine, spirits positioned against higher income consumer groups

There are currently an estimated 70 million Americans that fall into the category of Millennials (ages 13- 30), even though many are not yet old enough to legally drink, that group is showing a greater interest in wine than any preceding population segment. This group also is driving the Web 2.0 revolution in the form of social networking online. This is the core Wine 2.0 audience.

Wine is sold through a network of licensed beverage distributors and retailers through the “3-Tier System” as well as winery direct to retailer in certain markets (CA). Consumer direct sales by wineries or out of state retailers have historically been highly restricted. Due to consumer demand and changes in the legal landscape, this segment now represents several billion dollars of business and continues to grow rapidly as restricted markets open up. Wine is one of the most vibrant categories in all of consumer products.
More than 3,300 new brands have hit store shelves since 2000 and now represent more than 70% of that total, which is now at 4,000 brands. The proliferation of new wineries has created a situation where most cannot get attention or access to the market through traditional wine distributors. Many have built their entire business around direct to consumer at the tasting room and through their wine clubs. All of these wineries are actively in pursuit of consumers for their websites and winery visits, and are a key base for Wine 2.0 events and networking. Increasingly the larger wineries that do have distribution are also turning to the web as a very profitable sales channel and for the ability to quickly launch new brands. Winery direct to consumer sales are expected to accelerate over the coming 3 years.
The Web is redefining whole industries and creating opportunities for innovative businesses. The Company views its users as customers and as such there are three sets of customers. There are over 550,000 licensed beverage retailers – selling alcohol both “on-premise” (by the drink) and “off-premise” (by the bottle). While some of these retailers are at the cutting edge of online activity, most are not. This audience of retailers interested in building their business beyond their four walls is a relevant audience for the Wine 2.0 events and network. Traditional retailers now must compete with aggressive wineries that sell direct to consumer and are heavily focused on building the direct to consumer channel.
There are now dozens of new companies on the vanguard of utilizing the web and Web 2.0 technologies in particular for the wine space. Wine 2.0’s mission is to promote all of these businesses to the wine community and most importantly to wine consumers. Our goal is to drive traffic to these businesses in the form of active users. Many of these companies are already involved with Wine 2.0 as part of the events or on our advisory board.

Wine 2.0 is about the convergence of the web and the real world.

Live experiences (events) are a core driver of our business model. All experiences are designed to be stand alone (i.e. they sell out and are successful on their own) and drivers into our Wine 2.0 online community. They will consist of educational, business and social networking components. Experiential services/events will include:
 Marquee “Wine 2.0 Expo” – San Francisco, New York & Las Vegas
o These events will each have an education component, and a social and entertainment component. All will include significant consumer tastings and experiences as well as a trade only focus.
 “Wine 2.0 Experience” & private label – numerous
o These events will be similar to the marquee events but lighter in content, time and
expense. Some examples of these formats include:  “Wine2.0BusinessSchool/LawSchool”
 A unique business school oriented Wine 2.0 experience that includes case study and lecture content from insiders in the wine industry targets at MBA level audiences. These will always be followed by a special tasting experience. These are all sponsored and hosted by the participating business school or law school
 “Wine2.0@“YourTown”
 These are lighter versions of the marquee events targeted at smaller markets. Always include some educational component and a social component. Always hosted by a local business entity or event sponsor/champion.
 “Wine 2.0 @ “Favorite Artist””
 These are experience in an experience event at select musical events. Instead of waiting in line at the beer stand, be welcomed into the relative tranquility of Wine 2.0 and enjoy a fine Pinot Noir between sets.
o Finally, we will introduce the “Wine 2.0 ReserveTM” – an exclusive group of consumers with access to unique one-of-a-kind experiences around one-of-a-kind wines and people. These special Reserve events can take place independently of other Wine 2.0 events as well as a special experience within the larger Wine 2.0 events. More on Wine 2.0 Reserve later.

Wine 2.0 is creating and maintaining a web based social networking platform that is intended to become the “dashboard” for wine consumers. Our platform links to all the leading technology companies doing things around wine, (Facebook,, MySpace, MeetUp), the leading retailers selling wine and the wineries actively engaged in Wine 2.0. Web based services will include:
 Consumers will have a dashboard for wine that gives them control over everything available on the web including retailer sites, winery sites, Web 2.0 wine company sites, publishing sites and more. Our objective is to be a feeder system to all the other entities on the web, but not to sell any wine directly. We want to connect consumers to other like-minded individuals also interested in wine and the life style around wine and fine living. Wine 2.0 will also have a presence on all the established social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, Ning and others. We will have a series of Wine 2.0 mini-applets that will enable the Wine 2.0 members to interact within the other social networks. This will effectively extend the Wine 2.0 brand across all the popular networks and drive traffic back to our dashboard as well.
 Wine Retail stores will sign onto the site and be able to place a “storefront” in the community with their specific offerings or simply drive traffic to their own site.
 Brand owners (wine, spirits and beer) will have the ability to do targeted advertising to very specific demographics of Wine 2.0 consumers. Alcohol marketers spent over $1.2 billion annually in U.S. advertising in 1997. By 2005 that figure had grown to just under $2 billion.
While beer spending was $1.3 billion, spirits represented $468 million and wine represented over $130 million. An increasing share of these ad dollars have been directed to internet related marketing. Small brands will be able to develop their own member list within the Wine 2.0 community sites.
 Third party luxury goods and services companies will have the opportunity to market their services on the site to our growing base of consumers. These may include travel companies, destinations, luxury goods, automotive companies among others. In the early days we will use Google’s ad service and evaluate our options as we grow our network.
 Wine 2.0 will develop a system for understanding what the marketplace is doing in real time in collaboration with both wineries and technology companies. Subscribers to the service will literally be able to sign onto the website and view detailed but aggregated reports on what is happening in the marketplace as of the prior day’s business. This unique real time approach will be valuable to brand marketers in making decisions on brand spend, the success of new product introductions, and the effectiveness of their sales efforts. This will be an opt-in service for participating companies.

 Wine 2.0, through its member companies, will provide a much needed market mechanism for the industry to both allocate certain wines of limited supply and to liquidate excess inventories efficiently.
Wine 2.0 has a number of live event experiences being planned already. As of this writing, they include:
 “WITS End” by Wine 2.0 – July 15, 2008, an after party at one of the leading Wine 2.0 winery’s cave for all the attendees of the Wine Industry Technology Symposium. WITS® is an annual event founded by Smoke Wallin that brings together all three tiers of the wine industry to discuss technology issues.
 Wine 2.0 Reserve @Chateau St. Jean in Kenwood, CA, a very special private event for Wine 2.0 members to enjoy the CSJ winery, meet the wine makers and discuss the future of wine. Invitation only.
 Wine 2.0 Experience @New York – September 18, 2008, an event at Webster Hall hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk of and co-promoted by Web 2.0 Expo. It will include a trade and educational component during the day and a vast experience for consumers in the evening.
 Wine 2.0 @Chicago – Summer 2009, Hosted by Brian Rosen, CEO of Sam’s Wine & Spirits and Alyssa Rapp of BottleNotes, this experience will include trade education, a VIP tasting and a general consumer event.
 Wine 2.0 Business School @Hass – October 2008, an event hosted by the Berkeley Hass School of Business. All around MBA students, faculty and alumnae in the bay area experiencing both the business side of the wine industry and an exciting wine event.
 Wine 2.0 Experience @Seattle – Fall 2009, an experience hosted by… A brief trade session to be followed by a major consumer event.
 Wine 2.0 Experience @Portland – Fall2009 an experience hosted by Lloyd Benedict of American Winery… A brief trade session to be followed by a major consumer event.
 Wine 2.0 Business School @Owen – November 6th 2008, an event hosted by the Owen Business School and the Law School at Vanderbilt University. All around MBA and Law students, faculty and alumni in the Nashville area experiencing both the business side of the wine industry and an exciting wine event.
 Wine 2.0 Expo @Vegas – March 2009, an experience in partnership with the massive Bar & Nightclub Show (30,000 attendees in 2008).
 Wine 2.0 Expo @San Francisco – April 2009, an event at a TBD location around the massive Web 2.0 San Francisco event. Hosted by RadCru, this experience will include trade education, a VIP tasting and a general consumer event.
 Wine 2.0 Experience @Indy – May 2009, an experience hosted by Smoke Wallin of Wine 2.0. A brief trade session to be followed by a major consumer event.
 Wine 2.0 Expo@London – May 2009, an experience at a TBD location around the massive London Wine & Spirits Show. Hosted by xxx, this experience will include trade education, a VIP tasting and a general consumer event.
 Wine 2.0 Expo @Bangalore – August 2009, an experience at a TBD location. Hosted by several of the major technology and drinks firms in India, this experience will include trade education, a VIP tasting and a general consumer event. We will focus on the nascent yet growing wine domestic wine industry as well as the growing imported wine segment and tap into the tech and wine savvy professionals eager for such an experience.
 Wine 2.0 Expo @Tokyo – October 2009


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