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Stage: Seed

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The Worlds First Virtual Bookshelf

Project Brief

Your book and music collections speak volumes about you. “What’s on your iPod?” became an iconic interview question after the device revolutionized music consumption. However, recent research on how we display our personalities in our physical spaces indicates that the bookshelf is perhaps the biggest clue to who we are. But as more and more of us discover the advantages of tablets and e-readers, how long will there be bookshelves to browse? I know I don’t plan on hauling a heavy box of dead trees with me as I move from home to home ever again. So where will a visitor look for insight into who I am?

Shelfie is a suite of software and hardware to bridge this gap. Shelfie links to your cloud ebook library and displays your books on a touchscreen digital shelf for you or your friends to browse and interact with. Images of your books’ actual spines appear on a virtual shelf that behaves like a great touch-screen app. Swipe left or right to cycle through the whole collection, or tap on a book to view the front and back cover, summary, reviews, and more. Sort by author, title, genre, color, any way you want.

a. Tablet app – Use a stand to display your iPad or other tablet anywhere in your house. The Shelfie app goes where it goes.
b. Touchscreen TV app – Ready for the full-screen experience? Download the Shelfie app on any compatible touchscreen TV to interact with a full, wall-mounted virtual bookshelf
c. Shelfie Hardware – Love the apps but ready for a full-time Shelfie that works even if you’re using your TV/tablet? Upgrade to the hardware Shelfie, the custom-built, touchscreen, wall-mounted virtual shelf that’s built from the ground up to be like the real thing, but better.

The Shelfie isn’t just for books. It can also sync with your iTunes account to display your favorite albums too. Or browse the Shelfie store for a multitude of other decorative items to put on your shelf.


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