Status: Active

Stage: Seed

Completion: 10%


Buy, Sell, and Trade Sneakers

Project Brief

Relaced is a brand new sneaker oriented App for Sneaker enthusiast to buy/sell/trade their sneaker collections. This App is one-of-a-kind to have such features as :
– Follow your favorite sellers and shops!
– Private messaging, discuss more details with the seller behind the scenes!
– User Profiles. know who you’re buying from!
– Search by size, jump right to the shoes you’re looking for that’s in your size!
– It’s 100% Free to download and Free to Sell.

8,000 Downloads in the first month & $1,400,000 in items posted for sale!
4.7/5 star rating (32 ratings)

Since it’s launch June 30th it has received 8,000 downloads and has had over $1,400,000 in user inventory (8,500 pairs of shoes) uploaded onto the app. Which is amazing because we haven’t spent a dime on marketing. Relaced has been opened 132,219 times as of today, & 82,000 messages have been sent on the application, 2k each day- So the application can handle the traffic.

– Email Login

– Search: Search for items by title. Results display Price, Image, Size, and Local Meetup Location (if you have foursquare enabled).    Search includes a size filter if you are building a marketplace for clothing. (it’s a numerical filter so can be used for ISBN numbers of textbooks if you’re building a college marketplace)

– Foursquare SDK Functionality has been added to allow seller to select a nearby -location they would like to meet potential buyers. (Optional)

– Follow Users

– ’Like” Items for sale

– Auto-Follow a specific list of users

– Private Messaging: Your users no longer have to give out their phone numbers or emails. Included in the app is a private 1-to-1 messaging system with push notifications*

The app uses as a backend & has a free tier that’s hard to max out unless you’re scaling quite fast .

With mobile commerce growing rapidly it’s easy to see the same concept to can be applied to other markets:
– A mobile marketplace for women to buy and resell their clothing-
– A mobile marketplace for mom’s to buy and sell their kids old clothing/toys locally – Similar to Totspot & Kidizen
– A mobile marketplace for college students to buy and sell their textbooks and furniture.
– A mobile marketplace for a wide variety of general goods (think craigslist)

Mobile commerce is on the rise, with marketplaces such as these have become million dollar mobile apps in just a couple of years!


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