Quick Pick Tech

Status: Active

Stage: Friends & Family

Completion: 80%


The Quickest and Easiest Way to Play State Lotteries

Project Brief

Quick Pick Tech, Inc. is developing a mobile application to be marketed to lottery retailers which allows their customers to choose and submit their desired lottery number picks. This product will initially be marketed as a ‘white-label’ application and will integrate seamlessly into the lottery terminal, making it simple for the retail clerk to process this purchase as well. At the same time, the application reduces the burden on the consumer by eliminating the time and hassle required to hand write their picks on the lottery form(s), allowing consumers to more efficiently choose and play state lottery games. The application also provides a number of additional services for ease to the consumer, including win notification alerts, past winning numbers, easy number selection, multiple game selection, local retailer locations, allows saving and playing of favorite numbers for future use, group play, and current and past jackpot information.

Quick Pick Tech, Inc. intends to develop its product as a white-label offering to lottery retailers, allowing each of these retailers the ability to brand and custom design the application, marketing and promoting it to their existing consumer base.


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