One Positive Act

Status: Active

Stage: Seed

Completion: 70%


OPA is a website and mobile app which allows people to easily post when and where they commit or witness a socially positive act. Primary use will be mobile app based, both iOS and Android, but will have same user interface on website. The map will update in real-time and be available on all platforms.

Project Brief

It’s hard to change the world, especially for one person. A lot of people look around and say “what good will it do, what can I do, I don’t have the resources to help or make a difference” and then they do nothing.

With One Positive Act everyone can make a difference. We can change the world, we can spread like a virus, and we can watch it happen. It is all visible on a “night-sky” like map of the country, with a point of light highlighting every positive act, brightening areas where the acts are spreading.

Our goal is to build a community of people who care, and to let that community grow and multiply. We are not affiliated with any organization, religion, government, or any other cause. We just believe that goodness can grow and spread unencumbered and without limits, that one good act will lead to the next and the next and keep going.


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