Status: Active

Stage: Seed

Completion: 20%


MyCampus is currently a social commerce application that enables users to buy and sell items locally. The goal is to position the app to be the one-stop app for your college life. Currently has User Profiles, Search, Foursquare SDK "Where to meet", Follow Users, Private Messaging, and More!

Project Brief

The MyCampus app was originally released as a beta at Ohio University. The app received a majority of it’s 870 registered users during the Winter of 2013 as this is when many students at Ohio University would sell off their textbooks from the previous semester and purchase used ones off of other students. This was a public beta, so the app was not without it’s share of issues early on in terms of UI/UX. About 400 items were posted for sale and 1,400 messages were exchanged on the app during that time. The developers would’ve loved to have taken this application to other universities, but didn’t have the time, as full time students, nor a marketing budget.
The app uses for the backend- which has a pretty decent dashboard with analytics and access to user data. The app received some publicity locally but nothing aside from that because it was never formally launched.
There is also as well as the twitter handle (@MyCampusApp)- which has about 1750 followers, most of which are very active and still enrolled at the university.
Immediate plans are to add additional features to the app:
1. Categories in the marketplace
2. A local events section to allow users to post different events around campus, things going on.
3. Bar/clubs discount offers and ads.
4. Groups, Clubs, Fraternity posting and messaging, with group functionality.
5. Housing opportunities.
6. Access to contact list to invite chosen contacts.


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