Accident Butler

Status: Active

Stage: Angel

Completion: 70%


Branded and White-label Mobile App to Walk Users Through the Process of Auto Accident Reporting

Project Brief

This project includes 4 applications; The iOS paid and free applications as well as the Android Paid and Free applications. The app just went live less then a week ago.

The purpose of the app is quite simple it helps people through the stressful event of a car accident. When you download the app it is suggested you fill out all your information before hand and have it ready in-case of the unforeseeable. If you are involved in a car accident and are capable of taking down information, this app helps you through the process:

  • You can take pictures of the accident
  • Take pictures of the other vehicle involved
  • Take Video footage
  • Mark down your injuries
  • Pinpoint your exact location
  • Call a Tow Truck
  • Take down all witness information
  • Take down police information
  • Take down other notes, videos, photos, and even audio in-case your hands are shaking due to being nervous.

When you are all done taking and noting down your information you can email the report directly to your insurance agent/company or lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer you can find one buy using our geolocation lawyer directory, and even have us forward your information to a personal injury lawyer in your area.
There are many, many, many more things that you can do with this app.

This project includes the website; and all the contexts, the domain name, the hosting, all email addresses associated with the application, and the Facebook account.
The revenue model is multi source. Currently AdMob is installed as well as iAd on both the Android and iOS free versions. Then there are other modules as well, referral fees from lawyers in the area, tow services and auto services, etc. The list of possibilities is endless.

Download Links for Apple Free version and Android Versions

Android – Accident Butler Free:

Android – Accident Butler Paid

iOS Free Version


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