Status: Active

Stage: Seed

Completion: 30%


A word-game to be released as a physical board game and app

Project Brief

An innovative word-game that is being developed and released as both an app for mobile, computer, and tablet, AND a hard-copy physical board game.

Wackronym is a game in which players are tasked with completing a sentence, by using a random number of randomly generated letters as the first letter of consecutive words. For example, a player might be given the sentence “I went to jail because I ____” and then given the random letters “S A P D”. If done correctly, the player will create an acronym by using these letters in order, I.E. “Shaved A Police Dog”, making the completed sentence “I went to jail because I shaved a police dog.”

The main game play requires at least 3 people. All but 1 receive the same fragmented sentence, the same letters, and if time is involved, the same amount of time. They must follow the rules outlined in the above paragraph, and once they are finished, the completed sentences are all submitted anonymously to the 1 designated judge of the round. The judge then picks which one they like the best, at which time that player is awarded a point. In the next round, a different player is the designated judge, and after all players have been judge an agreed upon number of times, the points are tallied up and a winner emerges victorious!

For the app, it will be possible to play online against strangers, or friends.

Another feature in the app, will be the ability to play by yourself. In this function, a player can receive a fragmented sentence and letters, and either complete the sentence in the way outlined above, or skip it to receive a new scene. After they complete a certain amount of sentences, they can see all the sentences they have completed in that round, and choose to save them, or take a screenshot and submit them online. Eventually, there will also be an option to submit them to a website for a chance to win prizes.

Wackronym is not just another mind-numbing time-wasting game ; it is an intellectually stimulating, and outrageously hilarious word game that provokes creativity and laughter.

It is suitable for many demographics and all ages that can read and write. It brings out what is inside all the individuals and the group as a whole, instead of directing them. People who are intellectual and have a large vocabulary will enjoy the game as a tame and serious mental workout, and others who are silly and less well-versed in the language will create silly and immature sentences and have just as much fun, but in a different way. Drunk college kids will create dirty and sexual sentences, while religious and philosophical people will create odes to divinity.

In the future, I believe English teachers will use this game to teach grammar to their students, and it will be beneficial to come out with Teacher’s Editions for both the app and the physical game. Teachers are always looking for teaching methods that are fun, and students are always bored in class and wishing they could learn in a less pain-staking way then the usual methods. Wackronym will not only provide a perfect platform for teachers to explain why the sentences the class makes are, or are not, perfect grammar, but it will also turn the classroom into a fun and positive learning environment for the students.

The financial model for the app will be primarily based on in-app purchases, advertisements, and an option to upgrade to the premium version. For the physical board game, we will be taking the standard approach of marketing it, and selling it in stores, as well as selling extra accessories and packages of new game play cards from the website.

Wackronym is enjoyable for a wide range of people, and has potential to earn a large amount revenue and profit, while bringing more laughter and creativity to the world.


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