The Registry Bank

Status: Active

Stage: Friends & Family

Completion: 70%


Real Estate Recorders Office Meets Artwork and Collectibles.

Project Brief

An online registry for limited edition artwork and collectibles, allowing IP creators to register and transfer from initial creation of product, and then allow owners to track and document all subsequent transfers. The initial vertical we intent to launch is in the art space.

The Registry Bank is a secure, International online registry for artists, photographers, galleries, and owners of original and limited edition works of art of any value, including numbered fine art photos. We allow you to easily and safely record, transfer, and document the ownership and provenance of your works, establishing an unbroken chain-of-title and ownership record. Provenance maintained through The Registry Bank increases the value of your work by protecting purchasers from buying counterfeit work, or having the authenticity of their purchases questioned by prospective buyers. We also protect the artist by preventing counterfeit copies of your work from being produced and sold by others.

Counterfeiting hurts artists two ways: 1) you don’t get paid, and 2) the market value of your work is diluted, or even destroyed.

With everyone and everything now accessible worldwide, via, websites, social media, email, downloadable commerce, and more, combined with the explosion of digital duplication and printing technologies, everything you produce and own can be fair game for piracy and theft unless you take advantage of the security and safety never before offered and now being offered by The Registry Bank. It is now critical to document and protect intellectual and digital property rights globally.

The Registry Bank provides the first International line of defense and protection by securely registering and documenting intellectual property and digital rights and ownership quickly and easily in almost any language. The benefits and features of The Registry Bank are extensive. We serve everyone from the active collector with an extensive fine art collection, the homeowner with a few fine art pieces for décor, the gallery in both the purchase and sale of art, and artists at all levels of achievement. Registration additionally benefits owners of art with regard to their homeowners and fine art insurance. The detailed records of registered works maintained on The Registry Bank, along with Certificate of Authenticity, can be attached to art insurance or homeowner’s insurance schedules to document ownership and value. A copy of the sales receipt, fine art appraisal, photos, and any other documentation can be uploaded and attached to the registration record. This documentation will always be available via the Internet, and the records will not be lost if the owner has an art loss due to fire, flood, theft, or other disaster.

Additionally, when a piece of art is sold by a gallery, or by an artist’s agent and the ownership (title) is transferred to the buyer, the artist is notified of the sale and the transfer automatically via email. You protect your patrons and your prices by establishing and maintaining excellent provenance records of your art when you use The Registry Bank.


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