On the House

Status: Active

Stage: Angel

Completion: 60%


On the House - a new way to find a place to grab a drink or food - At the press of a button On the House automatically offers a selection of bars or restaurants nearby, each offering the user a free incentive (voucher) to entice them to check it out.

Project Brief

On the House is an iPhone app designed to answer the question “where should we go to grab drinks?” At the press of a button the app automatically selects a bar or restaurant nearby. The user is then offered a free incentive (voucher) on the bar’s behalf to entice them to check it out. That incentive is chosen by the bar and can be anything from a free mixed drink to a meal. Managers can also use the incentive to push underperforming or new products, or to bring in customers during slow times..

Built into the app’s backend is a full geo-location system. In order to redeem the incentive that has been offered, the user must be physically standing within the selected venue. The app prompts the user to press a redemption button when standing with their waitress or server, an action that will only work when they are within the confines of a pre-determined geo-fence. Each location’s geo-fence can be manipulated as needed. Current settings limit user’s to one voucher per day, meaning that they can’t use the app to barhop, although functionality will allow any selected limit range.

On the House was built to be a fun way to explore new areas or settle the age-old debate of where to grab drinks with friends, family or co-workers. It can also be adapted for food or anything else you can imagine.

For bar owners or managers, it is a great way to entice new clientele without risking money on ads that don’t produce. Unlike tradition advertising methods, On the House represents a guaranteed return on investment. Our backend tracks every time a user is presented a voucher, and the exact time that voucher is redeemed. Our partnership agreement has been designed so that bars only pay when we successfully bring them a new customer. We can also provide valuable data including the name, age, sex and hometown of the people that have visited their establishment via the app.

We have built the backend to be able to handle tens of thousands locations. Our administrative portal allows establishments to add new locations, enter every possible detail about those locations, manage the hours that each location is active on the app, view user information and see voucher redemptions as they happen.


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