Josh and Emma Go To The Beach

Status: Active

Stage: Strategic

Completion: 60%


A Children's Educational App

Project Brief

Josh and Emma Go To The Beach is an interactive iPad App designed to teach 2 to 4 year-old children basic learning skills, including numbers, reading, colors, and the proper name of objects. The current version of the App has been downloaded over 90,000 times, and with approximately 50% of those downloads in the past 6 months. There is currently one storyline loaded on the App, with the ability to create and offer unlimited stories and adventures, all available through in-app purchases.

Josh & Emma love to go on interesting adventures. This time, they’ve decided to go to the beach and they’ve invited your little one along. As they’re strolling in the sunshine, they come across something interesting in the sand. “What’s next to the tall grass?” they want to know.

Your child gets to take part in the story line, answering the question by touching the objects on the screen and putting them into the big red bucket. As each object is moved, a child narrator counts it. Once everything is in the bucket, your child will learn the color and proper name of the objects.

At the end of the story, the bucket is emptied to show kids all the interesting treasures they’ve collected with Josh & Emma, describing them by number, color and name.

Josh & Emma Go to the Beach is such engrossing, interactive fun for children of the ages 2 to 4, that it won’t seem like education to them, at all.

A child narrator’s voice will reveal the name and color of each object that your curious child wants to know more about. Youngsters will learn what the sun, rocks, grass and water are, as well as all the really interesting items that they find on their beach walk, like starfish and seashells. All they have to do is touch any of the graphics.

This tale is the first in an educational series based on the adventures of brother and sister duo, Josh and Emma. Your little one will delight in sharing time with the characters and actively taking part in stories that explore and teach them about their world.

Look at the features your child will enjoy with Josh & Emma Go to the Beach:
* Very easy for 2 – 4 year olds to use
* Interactive storyline
* Beautiful, high quality graphics
* Teaches numbers, colors and the proper name of objects
* Narrated by a child
* Stimulates curiosity
* Little ones love the characters and have tons of fun!

Josh & Emma Go to the Beach is the best of both worlds for young children. They learn important things while having lots of fun playing with their two new friends.


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