Hollywood Submission

Status: Active

Stage: Seed

Completion: 10%


Connecting Content to Industry Insiders Without the Red Tape

Project Brief

Hollywood Submission (HS) will be an online community where members can submit concepts and scripts for movies, shorts and TV shows for selection and shopping to the proper industry channels. The U.S. has an abundant source of creative people whose works never see the light of day simply because they don’t possess the proper agent or connections to safely submit to entertainment insiders. The challenge is to develop an overview and selection process that qualifies submissions, eliminates the concerns surrounding unsolicited submissions and properly places the works into the right hands for industry shopping.

End-User Offering

• Basic Protection of Works within the HS System
• Qualifying Services to Aid in Getting Their Works to the Proper Channels
• Management System for Maintaining Multiple Works within the System

Industry Offering

• Eliminates Concerns and Liabilities that are Normally Associated with Unsolicited Submissions.
• A Pool of Fresh Content Writers and Creators.
• Search System for Quick and Easy Browsing of Available Works.


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