Affiliate Marketing Solutions

Status: Active

Stage: Seed

Completion: 10%


Affiliate Sales Portfolio and Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions for the Direct Sales Industry

Project Brief

AMS is an Affiliate Sales Portfolio and Software as a Service (SaaS) Business designed to capitalize on both ends of the industry. On one end… AMS will be a comprehensive Web based Affiliate Sales Portfolio of websites with the sole purpose of generating traffic, monetization of this traffic and generating affiliate sales. On the other end… AMS will also be developed as a SaaS business, offering tools and turn-key-solutions for developing and monetizing Affiliate Marketing Web Portfolios.

Affiliate Sales Portfolio

AMS plans to implement a proprietary provisioning and management system designed to handle thousands of websites with minimal staff and quick turnaround for new provisioning… improving on the already low overhead and high ROI’s that exist. This system will allow its staff to handle all aspects of the business from one, simple to use, interface… without the need of directly managing individual Websites.


AMS will develop into a suite of tools and full turn-key enterprise solutions that will be either licensed out as a complete solution or sold as individual services to be sold throughout the Affiliate Marketing industry.


• Built-In SEO Keyword Research & Formatting Tools
• Automated Boilerplate DNS & Website Provisioning
• Cross-Domain Traffic Monetization & Affiliate Product Placement
• Cross-Domain Content Management & Syndication

Affiliate Models

• Internal – Selling our own products.
• Direct – Selling products through direct affiliate agreements with product vendors.
• Network – Selling products from within an affiliate network system like CJ.
• System – Selling products through Amazon or other affiliate shopping system.

Differentiation & Efficiencies

• Quality Over Quantity: Produces Higher Affinity & Conversions
• No Black-Hat Marketing Activities: Long-Term Stability & Higher Returns
• Proprietary SEO Technologies: Greater SEO Results with Less Effort
• Full Product Lifecycle Marketing & Integrated CRM: Far Greater Returns Through Cross/Up-Sales

Business Model

• Web & Mobile Presence
• Information & Affiliate E-Commerce Platform
• Small Workforce & Self-Sustaining Operations
• Internal (5%) & Outsourced (95%) Content


Affiliate marketing is a low-risk, high-return strategy for online marketers. US affiliate marketing spending will thus reach $4 billion by 2014 and will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16% from 2009 through 2014. Payments to affiliate sites direct from marketers will represent the majority of the affiliate marketing spending, or 57%, in 2014. Marketers will, however, continue to value affiliate networks for the collaboration and knowledge exchange they allow with affiliates and advertisers alike. Within the next five years, retailers, financial services firms, and online education providers will be the top three spenders in the affiliate marketing arena. Search will remain the main driver of traffic to affiliate sites, and it will not be displaced by other channels such as social networking Web sites or display advertising.

Source: Forrester

Financial Model

• Subscriptions (SaaS)
• Traffic Monetization
• Affiliate Sales

Marketing Strategy

• Full-Mix Strategy including Indexing, Public Relations, CRM, Inbound, Outbound & Social
• Identity & Media Packages
• Strategic Partnerships & Alliances
• Web-Sphere Integration (Multi-Site Cooperation & Profit Sharing)


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