The Percolator is a private members-only crowdfunding entity and small business studio/incubator which uses its assets and investor pool to transform startup companies and ideas (“Startups”) into operating businesses.  The Percolator is made up of business and creative professionals working together to identify, fund, launch, and nurture ideas and very early-stage business ventures.  Our members have experience and backgrounds in a wide range of industries, including technology, media, distribution, education, marketing, public equity, real estate, aviation, restaurant and hospitality, and entertainment.

Following acceptance into the Percolator, Startups are provided with the following:

  • Guidance on crafting business plans and models
  • Initial startup funding and access to additional growth capital
  • Help with business basics (including marketing, legal, accounting, financial management)
  • Access to Mentors and industry veterans
  • Introductions to strategic partners
  • Experience to hone presentation skills
  • Networking activities with others on the same path as well as those who’ve been there before.

The Percolator essentially acts as a “farm-team” to grow new entities to a point where they are ready to be passed along to venture funds for further development and maximum commercialization.




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